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Consumer Safety


At Cardini Leather, our goal is to provide you with the finest quality holster products with an emphasis on safety, function, comfort and convenience. Fit and used properly, a holster is a valuable aid in carrying a firearm and facilitates firearm safety. All firearms however, are potentially dangerous, and if misused, may cause great harm, injury or death. Because holsters are used to carry firearms, any person purchasing or using Cardini Leather holster products should read and understand the following warnings and instructions. Further, you are responsible for becoming thoroughly familiar with the safe and proper use of your firearm under all conditions.

All firearms are potentially dangerous. Their use may cause great harm, personal injury or death. For your own safety and the safety of others, it is your responsibility to carry and handle a firearm safely. Proper training is available through accredited firearms safety programs conducted through police departments, the military, state-run hunter safety programs, and other agencies such as the National Rifle Association. Do not carry or use a firearm without a thorough knowledge of its characteristics and safe use in the circumstances in which you intend to use it. It is also you responsibility to be certain that your firearm is in proper, safe operating condition.

Below are some fundamental safety precautions and guidelines to be aware of if you intend to carry your firearm in a holster.


Loaded Firearms – Carrying a firearm with a live cartridge in the chamber could result in an accidental discharge. Certain single-action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols should only be carried with the hammer or firing pin resting on an empty chamber. It is your responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun, and to assume at all times that the gun is loaded.

Cocked Hammers – Be sure your firearm is uncocked before placing it in the holster. Carrying a cocked firearm in the holster or attempting to cock or uncock a firearm when it is in the holster can result in an accidental discharge.

Take-Away – Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility and must be given constant attention and awareness at all times. It is not possible for any holster to be manufactured which is completely “take-away proof”. It is your responsibility to exercise extreme caution at all times during any situation where another individual may attempt to take away your handgun and to strictly adhere to any procedure in which you have been trained.

Retention – Do not rely on your holster’s retention capabilities to justify activity which may dislodge your firearm. Your firearm should be held in place by hand during vigorous physical activity to avoid the gun falling from the holster. Always make sure the firearm is firmly seated in its proper position in its holster.


Safe Direction - Always point your handgun in a safe direction and use extreme caution when holstering or unholstering your handgun to avoid an accidental discharge. Never place your finger inside the trigger guard while holstering or removing your gun from the holster. Keep your thumb on the back of the hammer or the slide when inserting your gun into the holster to help prevent movement during insertion. Be certain that your handgun is securely seated in the holster and that any intregal strap is properly engaged.


Unloaded Firearm - Your Cardini Leather holster should only be used with the specific gun model for which it was designed. After being certain your firearm is unloaded, you should test your holster for proper fit. Never place a loaded firearm in a holster without first testing it unloaded for proper fit. Use only the handgun for which your holster was designed. If there is any doubt, cease use immediately.

Check Fit - It is important for your own safety and protection that you physically check the compatibility of the handgun with the holster. Although Cardini Leather attempts to fit the most current model handguns, manufacturers of handguns constantly update their product specifications, often several times per year. Even the slightest changes can have important safety consequences with regard to the way a handgun fits a particular holster. Cardini Leather USA will not be responsible for such changes or for typographical or other human errors, which can do occur despite diligent efforts.

Holster Wear - It is also your responsibility to regularly check your holster, including any retaining strap, snap and spring or other retaining device, for precise fit and performance. Should your holster become ill-fitting, worn, loose, or defective at any time, cease use immediately.


Neither your gun nor your Cardini Leather holster should be modified in any way because alteration may increase the chance for accidental discharge. All Cardini Leather holsters are designed to function safely and efficiently with modern, high quality factory equipped handguns. Use of trigger shoes, target triggers or grip adapters may prevent the handgun from correctly fitting the holster. Trigger shoes, for example, are outmoded, removable devices that provide a trigger surface which is usually wider than the handgun’s protective trigger guard. Trigger shoe equipped handguns should never be used with any holster, because an accidental discharge may occur which could cause great harm, personal injury, or death.